20 Sqm Tiny House with Loft Bedroom is Both Budget and Planet Friendly

20 Sqm Tiny House with Loft Bedroom is Both Budget and Planet Friendly

Living with less is something that is increasingly becoming hard for us. Be it our addition to Smartphones, television and an overload of gadgets and décor all around us; we simply are moving forward towards a more complicated world. Moving away from this constant rush and overload of information and finding serenity in a simpler, more eco-friendly lifestyle is something that we all crave for. That is what you get with the efficient and sustainable Slow Town Tiny House designed by The Plus Partners + DNC Architects in South Korea. Sitting in a neighborhood that is still largely unspoilt, this dark, tiny cabin aims to exist in harmony with nature.

Glass and dark wood shape the small cabin with eco-friendly design

On the outside one can notice the use of dark wood and glass – one providing warmth and a sense of timelessness and the other providing modernity along with the right ventilation. Step inside and you see the living room that feels a lot more spacious than it really is. Lack of constraining décor and the gabled roof give us this visual effect. The loft bedroom sits snugly above at one end with the efficient and tiny kitchen below.

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Lighting the tiny wooden cabin interior in style
Living area of the tiny home viewed from the loft
Sink, kitchen workstation and smart cabinets placed carefully to create a functional kitchen
Steps leading to the loft bedroom with storage options
Tiny House with loft level bedroom in wood
Kitchen of the tiny house with wooden…

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