19th-Century Barn Revamped into an Energy-Efficient Rustic Home

19th-Century Barn Revamped into an Energy-Efficient Rustic Home

Utilizing a timber frame from a nineteenth-century barn and turning it into a modern home that can brave the chilly winters of the Catskills is a tough and tricky task indeed. But this is precisely what the ingenious folks from Kimberly Peck Architect accomplished as they gave shape to the environmentally conscious Bovina House. The idea behind the project was simple enough in principle, but far harder to execute. The harsh weather of the region meant that the new home needed the right insulation and an air circulation system that kept the interiors fresh while keeping the heat indoors.

Even though the original timber frame from the barn was utilized for the new rustic home, it was completely draped in structural insulated panels that also make up the roof as well. A polished concrete slab with a radiant heating system makes up the floor of the house and also offers an elevated platform. Windows were kept to a bare minimum, with just three large windows on the main living area offering scenic views of the mountain terrain outside. A smart air circulation system and a black corrugated steel exterior make the home even more energy-efficient.

Rustic entry of the Bovina House wrapped in reclaimed wood

Concrete slab with radiant heating system makes up the floor of the rustic living room

Elegant leather sofas and sconce lighting for the rustic living space

Grand Leather Bean Bag Chairs offer plush seating near the firplace

Butcher block countertops for the rustic kitchen

Rustic dining room design connected with the living space and kitchen

Reclaimed wood is used throughout the home to minimize wastage of materials, and the cozy home also keeps its carbon footprint to a bare minimum. From an aesthetic viewpoint, the exquisite blend of textures, unassuming décor and the woodsy charm of rustic style give this transformed barn home an inviting and curated ambiance.

Windows in the renovated barn home are kept to a minimum to improve insulation

Gorgeous rustic bedroom design on the top level of the barn home

Stained wooden slanted ceiling adds to the rustic charm of the cozy bedroom

Lovely rustic bathroom design with reclaimed wooden vanity

Metal exterior gives the home greater ability to combat winter chills

Exterior of the rustic home clad in black corrugated metal

Metallic exterior of the home in black

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