1970s Home Acquires a Modern Minimal Sheen

1970s Home Acquires a Modern Minimal Sheen

It is not very often that we come across homes with a curved wall or two, as the world around us seems to be obsessed with simple, straight lines when it comes to home design. But this exceptional home in Caulfield, Australia goes down this less explored path as it transforms a 1970s home into a modern delight, even while highlighting its beautiful curved wall that becomes a part of the entrance. Draped in Woodform Timber Batons and highlighted using fabulous accent lighting, the home features a revitalized entrance that sets it apart from others in the neighborhood.

Designed by Finney, the charm of curved walls does not end there, as the interior also offers a healthy dose of curvy masterpieces that celebrate the minimalism of the home while ushering in geometric contrast. White is the color of choice inside with the living area, kitchen and dining room opening up towards the rear garden. Midcentury décor pieces are combined with modern furniture and accessories to bring together the best of both worlds, even as large glass walls ensure that the outdoor deck and garden become a visual extension of the living area.

Contemporary and refined living area of renovated Caulfield home

White corridors with curved wall and skylights

Dark island and fascinating wooden shelves shape a stunning, minimal kitchen

Black becomes an integral part of the modern minimal kitchen in this Aussie home

Minimal bathroom design in white and gray with curved wall

Slim floating quartzite bench top set against a dark backdrop in the bathroom

The kitchen and bathrooms employ black for a dash of dramatic exuberance, with woodsy accents, door knobs and shelves adding a pinch of warmth to an otherwise refined setting. Cleverly placed skylights throughout the residence and elegant lighting put the final touches on this tantalizing transformation that ventures away from the mundane.

Minimal floating quartzite vanity for the refined modern bathroom

Gorgeous Woodform Timber Batons on curved wall revitalize the facade of the 1970s Caulfield home

Outdoor deck with stacked firewood connected with the living area

Spacious deck, pergola, BBQ area and garden of the Caulfield home

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