150-Year Old Historic Home in Spain Refurbished with Polished Panache!

150-Year Old Historic Home in Spain Refurbished with Polished Panache!

Refurbishment of a home that is 150-years old is a task that requires sensitivity and plenty of care along with ingenuity and an ability to create space where none exists. Accomplishing all this and a whole lot more with flowing aesthetics and a touch of modern flair is the Bilbao Architecture Team who carefully altered the Omagoieaskoa House to meet the needs of its more modern homeowners. The beautiful and seemingly timeless stone wall exterior of this dreamy Spanish home in Gernika has been left completely untouched. This not only preserves the historic charm of the residence, but also creates a beautiful contrast between the polished interior and the rugged exterior.

150-year old traditional Basque house in Spain turned into modern family home

The creative folk from BAT also ensured that the stone walls inside the house were used in a smart and striking fashion with white contemporary surfaces and finishes allowing them to shine through. By choosing a neutral color palette anchored in white, the textural beauty of the stone walls, the lovely arches and the weathered ceiling wooden beams has been further enhanced in an understated fashion. An open plan living reduces fragmentation of space and gives the interior a refreshing, cheerful vibe. Use of large glass walls wherever the stone walls give way, breathes new life into this stoic structure.

Look at the classic exterior and revamped interior of the Omagoieaskoa House
Modern refurbishment leaves the historic walls untouched
Stone walls and wooden ceiling of the home
Weathered walls, ceiling…

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