15 Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Your Modern Farmhouse |

15 Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Your Modern Farmhouse |

Looking for the perfect bathroom vanity? I’ve rounded up 15 of the best bathroom vanities to fit your small, medium, or large bathroom.

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When we were planning out the bathroom renovation I seriously considered buying a new vanity. The existing one is plenty large, but it only has a single sink. We went back and forth on buying one versus building, adding a double sink versus leaving a single, new style, etc. But ultimately decided we couldn’t quite fit it in the budget this go-around. Rather than buying from scratch or building, I did a little budget friendly makeover (tutorial coming soon).

However, I did a ton of searching for new vanities before settling on the makeover and thought it would be helpful to share them if you’re in the market! I went with a clean and simple modern farmhouse style for the bathroom remodel, so all of these vanities fit with that vibe. I hope it’s helpful!

**Side note: this is not sponsored by Home Depot or anything. That’s just where I was searching for a new vanity for us, so I put the list together based on what I was actually looking at.

Small Bathroom Vanity

These are a little smaller than our vanity, but we did consider going with a smaller one for a while. There isn’t much extra room in the bathroom, and the large vanity takes up quite a bit of space. We ended up keeping the bigger one, but here are the smaller ones we considered:

Medium Bathroom Vanity

These are the exact same size as our vanity and probably the category I did the most research in. Each of these would have worked wonderfully and made a big difference in the space. Maybe next time! I used the “Riverdale” vanity as inspiration for the makeover.

Large Bathroom Vanity

This would be more of the “goals” category. We measured and measured and remeasured to try to find a way to fit a double sink vanity in the bathroom, but there just isn’t enough space. A double sink is definitely on the list for our next home though and I LOVE all of these ones! They’re similar to the medium-size vanities, just a little wider.

If you’re looking for a way to keep things a little more budget-friendly and work with your existing vanity, stay tuned for the DIY bathroom vanity makeover coming your way! I saved the whole process to my highlights over on my Instagram if you want a little sneak peak!

I’m seriously typing as fast as I can over here to try to get all this bathroom makeover information out – SEND COFFEE – but the vanity makeover is up next and then the BIG REVEAL!

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