10 Industrial Loft-Style Designs

10 Industrial Loft-Style Designs

Unused historic buildings, warehouses, factories, bunkers, galleries, churches and various public and private venues, when afforded an external overhaul and a contemporary reinterpretation of their inner form, present new and exciting opportunities for urban living. Moreover, their newly-built modern contemporaries, those of the concrete, glass and steel variety, can work equally well (differing markedly from the mass-produced and insipid suburban-style new-build).

Industrial lofts and loft styles are often most prized, with such spaces acting to enhance a property’s character and personality. They work well with the vernacular of the urban cityscape and provide for that much-in-demand modern and/or midcentury industrial aesthetic. The following industrial loft-style designs certainly fit the bill.

The Hayden Building, Boston

A modern and clean open-plan living space.

Hayden Building II

>By CUBE design + research. Photos © John Horner Photography.

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

A bright and airy perspective.

Telegraph Hill I

Telegraph Hill II

>By Feldman Architecture. Photos © 2015  Feldman Architecture, Inc.

X House, Barcelona

A concrete and glass domicile.

X House I

X House II

>By Cadaval & Solà-Morales. Photo © Cadaval & Solà-Morales.

Palazzo-Style Apartment, Milan

An abode where warm grey hues add character and allure.

Palazzo-Style Apartment I

Palazzo-Style Apartment II

>Photos © Davide Lovatti.

David Chipperfield’s Apartment, Berlin

A stark and minimal escape.

David Chipperfield I

David Chipperfield II

>Photos via Dezeen.

With a view to industrial loft styles, those with the greatest level of appeal will be exacting, rigorously thought through, somewhat idiosyncratic, positively…

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