10 Homes with Gorgeous Green Roofs and Terraces

10 Homes with Gorgeous Green Roofs and Terraces

The idea of a green roof seems revolutionary to most of us. A covering of greenery on the roof is not something you come across often, and anytime we suggest a ‘living roof’, the idea is met with wariness and doubts rather than glee. A green roof, though, is neither revolutionary nor is it anything incredibly complicated to work with. The idea has been around for more than half a century, and for some reason or the other, it has simply not caught on as much as it should have. But the last decade has seen a surge in green, sustainable home design, and with it interest in green roof designs has peaked.

Currently considered a bit of an exotic affair, the green roof might soon become the norm as homeowners look for ways to cut down on power bills and carbon footprint. Whether you are worried about the planet or the power consumption of your home, a green roof comes in handy. Today, we take a tour that showcases 10 fabulous homes that embrace the idea of a green roof in a stylish and stunning fashion.

A Touch of Cabin Charm

Spanish Delight: Casa LLP

Green design is not always about cutting-edge technology that minimizes energy consumption and a multitude of gadgets that monitor your every move. The best sustainable home designs are those that cause minimal damage to the landscape in which they sit. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Serra de Collserola, Spain, Casa LLP by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes charms with a cantilevered structure and a green roof that lets it disappear into the surrounding scenery. A bioclimatic house that does all it can…

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