10 Home Improvement Projects to Add Value to Your Home |

10 Home Improvement Projects to Add Value to Your Home |

There’s been a lot of home improving going on around here lately and, let me tell ya, I can’t believe how much of a difference you can make in your own home with a few solid DIY projects! It’s been about a year now since we bought our first home. When we put the offer in, I knew that I wanted to re-do pretty much the entire thing, and I was determined to do it all by myself.

The list was a little intimidating, but I took it one project at a time … thanks to my wonderful husband who manages to keep me calm when I make lists and think I have to finish every. single. thing. in 3 days … any other impatient (read: crazy) DIYers out there?!

Don’t tell him I said this, but he was right the whole time. Looking back I can’t believe how far we’ve come. And all it took was working consistently and taking things one. at. a. time. I started by remodeling the kitchen, worked my way into the living room (still sorta a work in progress, so no “final reveal” yet), built a mudroom, re-painted the basement, renovated our son’s room, built a whole slew of new furniture, and just recently finished renovating our daughter’s nursery (reveal coming soon). What started as an overwhelming list is now about half finished … how wild is that!?!

So, what’s my point here?

I don’t know … I got excited and forgot what I was talking about …

Juuuuust kidding!

My point is this – you can add tremendous value to your home with DIY projects! Don’t be intimidated if the list is overwhelming. Just take it one at a time.

With that, here are 10 awesome home improvement projects that add value to your home!

Renovating an old bathroom adds so much value to your home. It’s listed as the #1 home improvement project that pays off over on HGTV.

Photo courtesy of Ugly Duckling House

My friend Sarah over at Ugly Duckling House has been working on a master bath makeover for quite a while now and it’s looking amazing. Check out this master bath shower reveal!

This is such a unique home improvement project – who doesn’t love a fireplace to cozy up next to, especially during those cold months!

faux fireplacePhoto courtesy of Red Cottage Chronicles

You can’t go wrong with some landscaping and a patio makeover. Take the project up a notch by building your own patio set with this tutorial from Katie at Addicted to DIY. Customize the furniture to fit your space!

DIY patio furniturePhoto courtesy of Addicted 2 DIY

Updating your kitchen is another top project to add value to your home. Start small by adding shiplap to your kitchen island and then go from there! Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new kitchen!

Photo courtesy of The Frugal Homemaker

What’s the first thing anyone sees on a house? The front, of course! Take your house up a notch by updating the front porch for a beautiful modern farmhouse feel.

front porch makeoverPhoto courtesy of Farmhouse on Boone

Nothing can make or break a room quite like lighting. Update your dining room with a beautiful DIY chandelier like this one from Megan at Two Feet First!

DIY dining room chandelierPhoto courtesy of Two Feet First

Cristina really knocked it out of the park with her new DIY Living Room Built-ins. Built-ins add so much storage and style to any room, and she breaks down the whole tutorial into very manageable steps!

DIY built insPhoto courtesy of RemodelaCasa

When it comes down to it, the little things really make a big difference in your house. Don’t forget to clean up details like your staircase joints and seams!

DIY staircase caulkPhoto courtesy of By Brittany Goldwyn

Add an accent wall to the master bedroom for a touch of high-end design. There are so many options for accent walls, but I’m loooooving this one from Rogue Engineer!

DIY accent wallPhoto courtesy of Rogue Engineer

On the topic of bedrooms, add some order to the space with a custom closet organizer. Jamie over at Southern Revivals added a brand new closet organization system for under $100 with her great IKEA hack!

Photo courtesy of Southern Revivals

There are so many great DIY home improvement projects to add value to your home, This list just barely scratches the surface, but I hope it gives you some good ideas to get started!

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10 DIY Home Improvement Projects

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