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1st Year Birthday Party Suggestions , Equipment, Outfit

Your baby is now 1 year old and now it’s party time! 🙂 For mothers, the first year time passes very quickly, and so the baby’s 1 year birthday party is much more special. Yes, this birthday party is for parents because a 1-year-old will not understand or remember anything. However, in the future you will be able to show him photos of this colorful and creative party you prepared 🙂

1 Year Birthday

In fact, today is one of the most beautiful days of your life. It is the first anniversary of the day when you hold your precious baby in your arms and taste such a unique feeling and motherhood. Well, first of all, how will you celebrate your baby in the most efficient way and without squeezing your baby? You will have a lot of rush, you need to think about the details.

How should the timing be for 1 Year Birthday Party?

First of all, the time of the party is very important. Babies have short-term attention intervals and are bored very quickly. Their energy is depleted quickly and sleep times are very important. So you should plan the party before your baby’s noon or when he’s out of sleep, and a half and two hours is enough.

Venue Preference for Party

Home is usually the easiest place to have your first birthday party and your baby will feel the safest. However, if your home is too small for the number of guests you would like to invite, you may also choose children-themed centers, cafes or parks close to your home.


Your guest list should not consist of more people, we recommend that you avoid overcrowding and noise as much as possible. Babies can become restless in such an environment and be afraid of strangers. You don’t want the party to be troublesome for you and your baby.

Get Help for 1 Year Birthday Party

It would be great to have someone to help you that day. You can’t keep up on your own. One of your family members will help you enjoy this day and keep everything balanced.

1 Year Birthday Party Decoration

Babies love balloons. We strongly recommend you to choose balloons for decoration. You can create a spacious playground where babies can play. It would be great if you have a suitable place in your home or garden. You can also create spaces where parents can relax and sit and play with their baby. You can use paper or felt ornaments hanging from the ceiling. Choose a color combination and decorate it all the way, it looks perfect 🙂 You can put cardboard hats and various accessories in a corner for party attendants to wear.

Choosing Food for Your Baby

At the party you can also prepare snacks for children. Your little guests will probably eat very little, so more tastes, textures and colors are important. You should avoid offering hazelnuts, hard candies, popcorn, raisins, marshmallows and other foods that may pose a choking hazard. Ground fruits, biscuit foods and so on. There must be something they can eat. Warm milk and diluted fruit juices are available as drinks.

For adults, small cheese spread sandwiches (you can cut into shapes), light cheese cubes, fruit plates, pasta salad and mini fruit yogurts are good choices. Also small pieces of animal crackers will look nice. In addition, colorful cookies and cupcakes will add color. We’ve written a lot of ideas to give you an idea, but you might not do that kind of thing anyway, most of them are probably wasted.

Birthday Theme for 1 year old baby

If you want to choose a theme, the theme you choose will not be too important. You can get ready for the looks that you think will be nice, color matching and a selection of cartoon characters. A corner can also be prepared where pleasant photos can be taken.